• TDB1000 Kulcsprogramozó

Kulcsprogramozó, kulcsillesztő
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The TDB1000 Advanced Security Systems Electronic Tester or 'The ASSET' has been designed and developed to provide a simple and easy system for:

Programming Transponder Keys
Programming Remote Control Keys
Reading Security Pin Codes
Resetting Used Remote Control Keys
Programming Proximity System Keys

The TDB1000 brings the complicated key programming systems and operations together, with detailed technical information and support, to make the process simple and easy to complete. With support from our web site and applications www.wikikey.com the TDB1000 puts together all the information required to make locksmithing and advanced workshop key programming simple and affordable.

The Diagnostic Box Team have come together with over 50 years of experience between them within the locksmith business, and gives you the opportunity to simplify and expand your business, and to bring in new business with the help of our expertise and information.

The TDB1000 is the simplest and most cost effective key programming system on the market, it has a team of experts backing up the product, with real people and real updates.

The TDB1000 is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, and has a technical support team to support the product now and in the future giving you the confidence that this is the right choice.

Advanced Security Systems Electronic Tester will be the ASSET your business needs.

Features :-

Simple and easy to use

Low cost machine and software packages

Simple PC update software

Wiki Key Technical Information Web Portal

Wiki Key Applications for Apple and Android systems

It is also free of Tokens, those invisible horrible things you never quite know how much they cost or whether you might lose one, two or more and waste your time and effort on a job that should make you money.

TDB1000 Kulcsprogramozó

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